Sally Kimber: Headteacher, Thorne Brooke Primary School, Doncaster

Brooke Primary School have been attending Newlands every year from over 20 years. We bring our pupils to Newlands in September at the start of the new school year. We have found this to be a great way to engage the children in personal and group development, ready for the year ahead. The reason we have continued with Newlands is because of their total professional approach in all aspects of their b business. Everything they do and provide is of the highest calibre, delivered in a flexible, friendly and amenable manner, from breakfast to suppertime (brilliant meals !). This approach is not only from the management, but from all members of the fully trained staff (many of whom we see year on year). They have a superb understanding of children and manage to get the best out of them, often to the surprise of the children themselves, who generally come away at the end of the week knowing much more about their own improved capabilities and those of their fellow pupils – and that is the main purpose of the trips so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. We look forward to many more years of visits to Newlands Adventure Centre.