The History of Newlands

Newlands was opened in 1905 by a group of enterprising gentlemen who, encouraged by T.Arthur Leonard the founder of the Co-operative Holiday Association and the Holiday Fellowship Ltd., bought and renovated an old graphite mill turning it into ‘a place of sweetness and light. It provided full board accommodation and guided walks for the workers of the large industrial areas of the North and Midlands as well as church and youth groups. It was then purchased by and remained in the hands of the Holiday Fellowship Ltd. until 1989 when it was sold to three local business- men who pledged to carry on running it as an activity centre.

Newlands is now for everyone; school trips, national and international businesses, university groups, clubs or individuals. Over the years, thousands of people have taken on the ‘Newlands Challenge’, often experiencing what the great outdoors can offer for the first time and many return year after year to this special place. Newlands is always looking forward, making sure our future is as solid as our past; developing and changing with the times without losing our core values of safety and fun.

We are always on the look out for old and interesting photos of the centre and it’s surroundings. If you have any we’d love to hear from you.