School Residentials

Let’s face it, planning and running a school residential can be hard and stressful, not to mention a lot more work than you expect when you are there.

Do you wish you knew of a place which can guarantee your students are going to have an incredible time but also take away the majority of the workload a school trip can bring on teachers?

Well, you do now!

Newlands Adventure Centre is an awesome full-board outdoor activity centre. Located in the heart of the stunning Lake District, a prime location that offers a range of unforgettable on and offsite activities that will leave you and your students not wanting to leave!

We are the oldest and most historic outdoor centre in the country and we pride ourselves on providing a unique and authentic experience that we are sure will meet all your needs and requirements for your school trip.

Dive into an awesome few days of adventure with us! From Ghyll Scrambling to High Ropes, Paddleboarding to Rock Climbing, we really will give everyone a once in a lifetime experience they will never forget!

However, if the adventure lifestyle isn’t for you, no problem! It’s not compulsory for you to be in the adventure session. If you want to kick back in your own private teacher’s room with unlimited coffee & biscuits to make tackling that mountain of marking which needs to be done easier, then be our guest! We are more than happy to look after your students for you for the day!

We have been an adventure centre for over 100 years and provided thousands of students with incredible adventure holidays which still get talked about today, so why not let your students become one of them? Come to Newlands and trust that you have found the perfect residential centre which will cater for all your and your school’s needs.

Embark on a few days of thrilling adventure, including Ghyll Scrambling, High Ropes, Paddleboarding, and Rock Climbing, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone. With over a century of adventure expertise, Newlands has hosted thousands of students for unforgettable trips. Trust us to be the ideal residential centre for your school’s needs.

There are many reasons to book with Newlands Adventure Centre, here a just some of the reasons why:

  • 3 freshly made meals a day? –  Our onsite chefs can sort that out!
  • Accommodation with bedding? –  Not a problem!
  • 3hr Activities to give our students unforgettable experiences? – To easy, Give us a challenge!
  • Transport to all the activities? –  Beep Beep! We have plenty of comfy vans to do that!
  • Fully trained staff with DBS check & First Aid? –  Of course! Our staff are the best of the best.
  • The whole outdoor centre to ourselves? –  We will always try our best to make this happen.
  • Unique unbeatable locations to do our activities? –  Lakes, Mountains, Rivers, Forests… Does it get better in the UK than the Lake District!?
  • We hate massive group sizes for the activities! Do we have to have that? –  No! We hate them too! Our ratios are great at only 1:8 per instructor.
  • What do I have to organise? –  Buses to and from Schools and Bedtime!


So what are you waiting for? 

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“Our Newlands experience was truly transformative. The program provides an ideal blend of adventure, personal growth, and lifelong lessons. If you’re seeking an opportunity to challenge yourself physically and mentally, develop leadership skills, and forge deep connections with nature and fellow participants, Newlands is an exceptional choice. Prepare to be pushed beyond your limits, discover your true potential, and return home with cherished memories and newfound confidence”

Urmston Primary School

“Embarking on the Newlands experience was an awe-inspiring journey that left a lasting impact on our students lives. This exceptional program seamlessly combines thrilling adventures, profound personal growth, and invaluable life lessons. For those yearning to push their limits, cultivate leadership abilities, and forge profound connections with the outdoors and fellow participants, Newlands stands out as an unparalleled choice. Be prepared to surpass your own expectations, unlock hidden potential, and carry back cherished memories and an unwavering sense of self-assurance”

Waterford Middle School

“Our adventure residential at Newlands Adventure Centre exceeded all expectations. The diverse range of activities, led by skilled instructors, challenged and inspired our students. The staff’s dedication and passion for outdoor education created a supportive and positive environment. Comfortable facilities and delicious meals added to the overall experience. We wholeheartedly recommend Newlands Adventure Centre for an unforgettable adventure that fosters personal growth and lifelong memories.”

Oakland Institute

It always amazes me that year after year it only takes the children a matter of a few hours before they are caught up in the ‘magic’ of Newlands.  A few weeks ago I was talking to some of my ex pupils who are now well into their teens and one of them said ‘We’ve still not been on a better holiday than Newlands”

Kevin Wood, Stockton Heath Primary, School, Warrington