Indoor Climbing Wall

The climbing wall has over 40 top rope climbs with a height of up to 8 metres, providing climbers of all abilities with every challenge they could want. There is a large bouldering. If you haven’t climbed before we can give you a lesson where we will teach you how to climb and how to belay correctly (holding the ropes for each other). Or if you are a competent climber, there are plenty of challenges waiting and regular competitions and workshops.


Experienced Climbers

Don’t need an Instructor? Have experience in climbing?
No need to book! You can just turn up!  

The climbing wall has over 40 top ropes, giving 120+ routes, as well as a 100sqm bouldering area, all of which should provide enough challenges for all ages and abilities of climbers. With routes on our top rope walls and bouldering areas arraying for grades between 3+ through to 7C there really is a challenge for everyone!

Entry fees:

Get ready to climb and have a blast!

Prices for experienced climbers are:

Aged 6 and over: £8.00 (Adventure awaits!)

Aged 5 and under: £6.00 (Little climbers, big fun!)

Harness with belay, or shoes: £3.00 per item (Gear up for the ultimate climb!)

Group / Family Lessons Embark on an exciting climbing journey with your crew!

Beginner’s Lesson:

Learn the ropes and conquer new heights. Our expert instructors will teach adults in your group how to belay, ensuring safety and knot mastery. Once you’re certified, enjoy unlimited climbing for the rest of the day at no extra cost. Plus, adults can supervise up to 2 others. 

1-Hour Lesson: £25pp (Includes belay technique, harness, and entry)

 3-Hour Lesson: £40pp (Includes belay technique, harness, and entry) 


For those who need a safety reminder, knots, and belaying before certification. Please note that if you don’t meet the registration requirements after the Refresher, a separate lesson is needed to reach the required standard.

£15pp (Quick and effective reminder session)

20 minutes for 1 person

Maximum 30 minutes for 2 people

Private Lesson:

Get personalized attention and maximize your climbing skills.

1-Hour Private: £45pp (For the first person, additional climbers £25pp up to 10 people)

Kids Hour Session:

Calling all young climbers! Unleash your inner adventurer during this exciting hour-long session. Our instructors will handle the belaying, so parents can relax. The focus is on fun and learning as climbers aim to conquer the wall as many times as possible. Afterward, accompanying adults can supervise up to 2 children each in our bouldering area for more climbing fun (this is only possible during our quieter periods).

Price – £25pp (An hour of non-stop climbing excitement!)

Indoor Learn to Lead:

Our Learn to Lead courses are for experienced indoor climbers who are already competent at climbing and belaying on a top rope.  During the 2 x 2 hour sessions, you will cover lead belaying, clipping draws and top anchors, taking and holding falls, and an awareness of the hazards associated with lead climbing and how to deal with them.
This progressive course will move at a pace tailored to the individuals confidence and you might get the opportunity to complete a live lead climb at the end of the course. Whilst there is no guarantee that you will be a competent leader within this time frame, our various exercises and drills will, most likely, get you lead climbing in no time.
Being a competent climber it is expected that you will own a harness, shoes and belay plate. We will provide lead ropes.
You must be able to comfortably top rope climb a f6a cleanly (without rests or falling.)
Price – £100pp (Minimum 2 people)

Coaching Session:
Take part in a 1 hour climbing session with Jack, our qualified coach. From footwork or techniques, weight transfer or hold types, there’s lots to cover and sessions are tailored to you. Includes a mixture of bouldering/climbing and gear hire. 

 Price – £45pp

Own Instructor Session:

Bring your own qualified instructor and let the climbing adventure begin! If you have your own instructor, they can supervise up to 10 people. Just make sure they provide us with their RCI/SPA, valid First Aid, and Public Liability Insurance certificates beforehand. We’ll keep copies on file for safety purposes. The instructor will be responsible for the group’s safety and wall supervision.

Cost breakdown:

Entry: £6.00 (Access the climbing wall)

Harness hire (with belay): £3.00 (Gear up for safety)

Shoe hire: £3.00 per person (Step into the right shoes for climbing)

No charge for the Instructor (Lead the way!) Get ready for an unforgettable climbing experience!

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