1 Hour Sessions

Got a busy schudele planned for your trip to Keswick? Want to avoid the bad weather for an hour or two? Why not book onto one of our 1 hour Climbing or Archery sessions!

Kids Climbing Hour

Want to leave the kids in the safe hands of one of our DRB check Instructors for 1 hour? Then look no further than booking onto one of our Kids hours where we will have your children up and down the wall as much as possible!

Climbing Lesson

Do you want to learn how to belay and stay safe in the Climbing Wall unnacompanied by a Instructor? Do you want to be able to learn the skills to be able to climb in all walls across the country? Then look no further than booking a 1hr Lesson where the focus will be mainly be on the safety and belaying side of climbing! If the instructor is happy that you will be able to be left unnacompained after the lesson you will be able to stay for the rest of the day for no extra charge!

Family Fun Hour

Do you fancy as a family finding out who is the best climber? Then a family fun hour is what you need to book! You will be in the safe hands of the instructor for the hour belaying you up and down the wall as much as possible!


Under the watchful of the Instructor you will be taught how to use the equiment correctly. Once happy, you will play lots of different games to find out who has the best aim and who can hit the gold the most! With the choice of indoor or outdoor Archery Ranges, this activity is great fun for all ages!

We get asked a lot of questions about Rookery Woods so we hope thought we would answer some of them here for you! 

Where is Rookery Woods? 

  • Rookery Woods is based at Keswick Climbing Wall next to Castlerigg Stone Circle!

Do I need to Book? 

  • No! Rookery Woods does not require a Booking! However if we are really busy there may be a short way until we can let you in the Woods! During that wait you could use our onsite Café, The Hungry Heifer! 

How Much does it Cost? 

  • Rookery Woods is £5 per Child for all day! That’s it! Adult’s do not need to pay to enter Rookery Woods however you did need to be supervising your children in the Woodland at all times.

What is the Age Limit? 

  • Rookery Woods is designed for Children aged 8 and under!