How to have a Sustainable Weekend in the Lake District  – Accommodation Edition

Now, I understand when coming to the Lake District you can be bombarded with endless choices of accommodation, which is great! However, we feel that certain business deserve to be recognized for the hard work in which they have done to make your stay here in the Lakes as sustainable as possible! These residential businesses which I’m going to be writing about today are located in the heart of the Lake District: an area of outstanding natural beauty and importance. While, as businesses, I’m sure they feel privileged to operate in such a stunning area, they are also only too aware of the impact businesses make on the environment. These residential businesses have made a conscious decision to operate responsibly and take the best care of the incredible surroundings. Whether it be from recycling to solar power, composting waste food to only using local business for maintenance and food. These businesses have gone above and beyond the requirements needed to meet your Eco friendly needs! 

Newlands Adventure Centre – Keswick

Based in the heart of the Newlands Valley, Newlands Adventure Centre is a multi award winning sustainable business & residential centre which has been operating since 1905.  With prices starting at the very reasonable price of just £30 B&B per person and perfectly located at the feet of some incredibly famous walks like Catbells and Causey Pike, as well as being only a 10 – 15 minute walk from some of the best locally run pubs in the area, Newlands already screams out to be the perfect location, but things only get better! Since 2010, Newlands has been vastly improving their sustainability from small changes like adopting a recycling programme which reduced their landfill waste by half to much bigger changes like replacing their old boiler system with new energy efficient ones which has saved them thousands of pounds! Alongside all this Newlands has insulated the whole building to be more energy efficient and also created bird hides with feeders, bat boxes, red squirrel feeders, nesting boxes, and bug hotels to attracted to local wildlife to the area. This is something which makes Newlands stand out from the rest of the crowd, it is all very well and good saying your Eco Friendly because you have Solar Panels (which is great!), but it’s all the smaller Eco tasks which Newlands undertake which when added up, is a huge benefit to the environment. Small tasks from sending old mattress to animal rescue centers to be used as beds to working along side “Fix the Fells” to rebuild paths on the side of the UK’s most stunning mountain ranges. As well as all this, Newlands takes pride in only using local business when it comes to sourcing its food and also composts any waste food as well as recycling old cooking oil. I have truly only scratch the surface on Newlands Adventure Centre Eco policy and if you do not believe me click here to view their 5 page spread covering all their Sustainable Policies! On top of this, the Adventure Centre still have huge plans for the future, with the hopes of one day using Hydro Power to help run their centre as well as consistently adding new Eco policies to there future plans. It is easy to see why they have won over 10 National and Regional Sustainable Business awards. To finish, I simple cannot recommend Newlands Adventure Centre enough, from its reasonable price to its above and beyond approach to being as Eco Friendly as possible! To find more information about this awesome residential centre please click here!

The Quiet Site – Ullswater

If you want to talk about sustainable places to stay in the Lake District then “The Quiet Site” based in Ullswater has to be somewhere you must check out! With countless amount of awards and consistently being rated one of the top places to stay in the UK, it is no wonder they are so popular! But why? Well, what I love about this place is the amount of effort they have put in to be one of the most sustainable home grown businesses in the UK! Firstly, on site they have Britain’s first Zero Waste Shop. They sell lots of essential items which you will need for your stay as well as some more unique items, but, what is awesome is that the items are locally sourced and with no plastic packaging! The shop have thought of every Eco detail from Milk and Orange juice being sold in reusable glass to their lovely range of cheeses come in their own wax skins. They also have a growing range of soaps, shampoo bars, bamboo toothbrushes etc. What a fantastic idea! But there is so much more, The Quiet Site are also offering a very unique style of accommodation, Hobbit Holes! These are large underground living spaces with an amazing views over the Ullswater valley. Firstly, being underground they are superbly insulated making them extremely energy efficient, being virtually invisible they do not leave a mark on the incredible surroundings. The Quiet Site also pride itself by only using local sourced business for a majority of its needs whether it be maintenance or food and drink in their onsite bar. We have merely scratch the surface of the amount of work this incredible site has done to improve its Eco footprint , it the last year alone they have installed a new electric powered site utility vehicle, which is charged from their very own solar PV panels, not forgetting to mention the fact that they use the sun to pre-heat all their water before it is enters the biomass boiler. It is easy to see why this business has won more Sustainability Awards than anyone else here in Cumbria! The Quiet Site have so many different options of accommodation for you to choose from so, If you wish to check more out about this place please click here!

Sunnyside Guest House – Keswick 

Based in the heart of Keswick, Sunnyside Guest House is a locally run Green Tourism Silver Winner and consistently maintains its high standards of Eco ethos. The Guest House was built in 1886, meaning that they have had to vastly change how the building operates to keep it as Eco as possible. Firstly, The building has had much better insulation installed in the loft spaces making the building a lot more energy efficient. Most windows have been replaced with energy efficient glass meaning none of that heat will be escaping! One major thing to note about all this work is Sunnyside’s use of local business to do all the renovations needed to make them a Green Tourism Silver award winner! Being local as possible is something which this Guest House thrives off, whilst looking at there website you can see how much pride they take in the area but also, how much they want to boost the local economy! A majority of their items from food to bathroom accessories are locally sourced  and also delivered cutting down their own greenhouse gases emissions. The Guest House also try to buy Fairtrade when possible and also have a onsite Car Park for guest only, this is great! Why? Because firstly, parking in Keswick can be the worst part of your trip, it is truly awful with very little options for long term parking, but also, it means you can leave the car behind and use other more eco friendly modes of transport to explore across the Lake District! Click here to read my last blog all about this! Overall, it is very obvious to see why Sunnyside Guest House is Keswick most popular Guest Houses. With excellent locally sourced Breakfast’s to it’s prime location and not forgetting to mention their reasonable rates, I simple cannot recommend them enough! To find out more information on this Guest House, please click here!

Top 3 Dog Friendly Pubs in Keswick

Here at Keswick Climbing Wall, we know that taking “Man’s Best Friend” with you on your trip to the Keswick, the recently crowned number 1 Dog friendly town in the UK, is almost essential!

However, you want to be able to share every memory of your adventures with your four legged friends, including the ones at the end of the day sitting in the Pub having that well earned classic pub grub or drink! 

So, here is, in our opinion, Keswick and surrounding areas best Dog friendly pubs! 

White Horse – Scales 

The White Horse Inn is your classic British Country Pub with high quality pub food, roaring open fires, local ales and of course a warm cumbrian welcome. Located just outside the picturesque village of Threlkeld and a 5 min ute drive from Keswick Climbing Wall it really is incredibly located! Being at the foot of the Blencathra and Sharp Edge, it is the perfect stop for some Food or Drinks before or after your day exploring the mountains! On of the paths up or down Blencathra even finish in their beer garden, how convenient! You would be barking mad not to visit this pub!

To check out more about this Pub, check out their website:


The George Hotel – Keswick

The George was found in 1665, making it one of the oldest Pubs/Hotels in Keswick, but that certainly does not mean the Food, Building or Local residents sitting inside the pub itself are outdated! The Pub has a fantastic Menu which is excellent value for money, with home cooked local food with a modern twist! However the Cumbrian crowd favorite is the famous homemade “Cow Pie”.  You will have to order it yourself to find out just how good this Pie is! Situated in the centre of Keswick it is perfectly located for those staying in the centre of town! If you want to know more information come to Keswick Climbing Wall and ask are very own Instructor Jack, who knows a thing or two about this great pub!

To find out all the craic about this Pub, check out their website:



The Coledale Inn – Braithwaite

A personal favorite of mine, The Coledale Inn is a cracking pub, serving up delicious food and excellent drinks throughout the year! Situated just above the charming Village of Braithwaite on top of a small hilltop well away from passing traffic. It is ideally situated for escaping the hustle and bustle of a busy summers day in Kes wick, with paths to the mountains directly outside the pub gardens. It is also only 10 minutes drive away from our sister centre, Newlands Adventure Centre, as well as only being 15 mins drive away from the Climbing Wall! Everything about this pub is very typically Cumbrian, from its local sourced food, to its choice of locally brewed beers and of course you cannot forget about the charming Lake District welcome from the staff! This pub will keep your four legged friends tale wagging all night!

Please check out there website for more information: