Newlands Adventure Centre is located in the heart of the Lake District National Park: an area of outstanding beauty and importance. While we feel privileged to operate in such a stunning area, we are only too aware of the impact that we as a business make on the environment and so have made a conscious decision to operate responsibly and take the best care we can of our surroundings.

To do this we have created Environmental Charters for both the business and our guests, with a detailed Environmental Management System pinpointing the finer details. We have been audited by local and national environmental agencies, been given appropriate awards and we are constantly updating and revising as well as improving our policies.

We hope that our guests will embrace the stance we have taken, enjoy the environmental displays and information we have at the centre and maybe think about what they can do to help make a difference.

What have we done so far…?

Quite a lot really! As well as adopting a recycling programme and reducing our landfill waste by half, we have replaced the old boilers with new efficient systems, planted trees, insulated the lofts and participated in environment community events. This is an ongoing project with new developments and ideas being pushed forward all the time. Our main objective for now is to continue with the high standards we have set and to make sure we maintain and improve what we do by careful monitoring of the systems we have in place.

Awards and Recognition 

Over the years we have consistently won environmental and sustainability awards at a local, regional and at national level.  We are rightly proud of our achievements and it’s all down to the centre management being hands on with the scheme, Newlands staff embracing our philosophy wholeheartedly and our fantastic guests appreciation in what we are trying to achieve.